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The View from 10,000 Feet

As some parents around the state are beginning to awaken, those who have been on the front lines attempting to call attention to the atrocities perpetrated against our children are gearing up to

Save Our Students.


The Inside Scoop...

When the rest of the state was released from their “state of emergency” and mandates from Governor Mills, the MDOE knew that there was Four Hundred and Eleven Million Dollars ($411,000,000) in federal funds on the line.


So what did MDOE do? They worked in conjunction with the Maine CDC, Maine DHHS, Maine School Management Association, Maine School Superintendents Association and the Maine Education Association to ensure that the funds would flow into the state. It is important to note that DHHS implemented the Commissioners authority to issue a public health emergency which we are still, to this day, under. They convinced superintendents to keep the details of the application stipulations from their school boards, community members and stakeholders. Why? Because the state believed that in order to receive $411 million dollars they must force “requirements” such as masking, vaccinations, social distancing, segregation and quarantines against our children. When in all actuality, the “requirements” the MDOE were so adamant about were nothing more than “recommendations”. Other states across the country chose to not cower to these heavy handed tactics and those children were not forced to mask, forced to get "vaccinated" or forced to contact trace and quarantine. 

While the manipulation by the MODE and their “cohorts” is nothing short of disgusting, it is just the tip of the iceberg. A deep dive into the ARP ESSER III application signed by MDOE Commissioner Pender Makin shows a preview of the nefarious activities the state of Maine has planned.


Who are the perpetrators? The local school districts!  Those profiting from these activities are EXPECTING parents to sit quietly on the sidelines. Millions of dollars in grants poured into the state of Maine.


Who picks up the tab? You, your children and your grandchildren will be paying these “grant” debts for decades.  

Community Schools

Community School.PNG

Do you Co-parent with the State? 

Parents, stakeholders, taxpayers, grandparents, aunt, uncles, neighbors and friends must begin to expect and even demand transparency from these school districts if there is any hope of saving our students. Programs like SEL4ME, “Community Schools”, and the Maine Comprehensive School Counseling Plan are all a part of the state's movement to remove parental control over children's physical health, mental health and their education. The state is looking to replace parents' morals, values, and family connections and inject what the state “wishes” into these children.


From the MDOE MOOSE shows and explores "How Should a Public High School Function in Today's World?" This is the MDOE's response:

  • activism/advocacy

  • diversity and equity

  • health/healthy habits

  • public speaking

  • research

  • social awareness

Grade: PreK

  • Topics: 

  • activism/advocacy

  • belonging to community

  • communities/neighborhoods

  • culture/cultural traditions

  • developing/exploring my sense of self

  • diversity and equity

  • emotions/empathy

  • social awareness


Understanding DEI

(Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

The MDOE officially began its road via top down approach to indoctrinating our children to the practices and mindset behind CRT. 

Directly from the MDOE Website:


On December 11, 2020, the Maine Department of Education, along with other educational organizations, released a statement declaring a Commitment and Support for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Maine schools. In this statement, the MDOE and other organizations declared:

We proudly and steadfastly support the educators and districts in Maine who are taking on the work of understanding and dismantling racism and inequity in our schools and communities. We urge all Maine schools and educators to accept their role and responsibilities in examining and addressing the inequities that have long existed in our society and institutions.

Please click on the picture of the Maine DOE or here for a direct link to the website page outlining this CRT top down approach.

What is RREV?


A road map of Webinars offered by the MDOE on how to indoctrinate our children.

An example of one of their Webinars:

Fake News: What It Is, Why It Works, and What We Can Do About It (Led by Dr. Wayne Journell)

LGBTQ+ Studies

To follow is another set of Webinars on how to indoctrinate and brainwash your child into the LGBTQ+ world

From their website, "Resources below as examples of culturally responsive and appropriate resources for teaching about these important topics. Along with these content supports, it is important to take time to reflect and review not only your classroom curriculum, but to formally review the curriculum of your school and district. Also, please take time to review resources that encourage you to self-reflect on how you, your students, and your colleagues engage in this work as well."


In Summary

If you are not asking yourself why employees of a Public School need to have Webinars such as those listed above, please see CRT, Marxism, Socialism. As ALL of the Webinars and information offered should be addressed by the Parent, NOT the Public School System. They are trying to remove Parents completely from the Education process. If these action items continue you will not Co-Parent with the State.

No, they will be removing you completely from the equation!

It is time to get involved at a local level. Contact us, so we may connect you with other concerned parents, grandparents and guardians in your area.

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